About Us

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Our story

Standard English Academy (SEA) was founded, in June of 2013, as an education consulting company. We mainly provide education consulting services, for people that want to learn English as a second language (ESL). SEA also provides consulting services, for non-ESL related language services.

Since our inception, we’ve provided ESL consulting services to many of the world’s top companies. SEA continues to offer our services to companies that want to help improve their employees’ English proficiency at work, individuals looking to improve their English & Thai conversation skills, students preparing for the TOEIC & IELTS exams and those needing translation, copywriting & proofing work.

Our Mission

SEA’s mission is to provide high quality consulting, in the field of English & Thai conversation, as well as providing instruction for students striving for accreditation in worldwide English exams. SEA achieves its mission by regularly advancing widely-known language standards, to foster continuous language development, through a rigorous process of reading, writing, listening, & speaking.